entrenamiento / dieta

Typically I train one big and and one small muscle group per day. I do not train chest and biceps anymore since these parts already are highly developed and personally I consider good proportion and symmetry more important than anything else. An aesthetic body is what I strive for.


This is how I split up my muscle groups over a week:

  • - Monday: Shoulders + Abs + Cardio
  • - Tuesday: Legs (hamstrings) + Glutes
  • - Wednesday: Back + Abs + Cardio
  • - Thursday: Shoulders + Glutes + Cardio
  • - Friday: Legs (quads) + Abs
  • - Saturday: Shoulders + Triceps + Glutes+ Cardio
  • - Sunday: Day off




My current off season diet. It is a very simple, but an effective diet for me. Besides being very bearable this diet allows me to stay in a presentable shape and gives my everything I need to keep perfecting my physique.



A  total of 6 meals daily:
- Meal 1: Oatmeal or muesli + Kiwi or pineapple + Egg whites or protein powder.

- Meal 2: Chicken or turkey + Sweet potatoes, potatoes or rice cakes + A salad.

- Post-workout - Whey Isolate protein + 2 bananas or a bowl of mixed fruit.

- Meal 3: Red meat + Rice, Couscous or potatoes + Mixed vegetables.

- Meal 4: Chicken, Turkey or white fish + A salad.

- Meal 5: Egg whites or white fish + Mixed vegetables or asparagus.


I have three free meals a week , where I can eat anything I desire.
I drink approximately 4 liters of water a day . I also drink a lot of green tea.



I do 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week after my weight training.



My dietary supplements consists of :
- Evening Primrose oil or Omega 3-6-9
- Multivitamin
- Protein powder
- Aminos /BCAA's
- Glutamine


When getting ready for a competition, the only thing that changes is the amount of food , especially the amount of carbohydrates . I increase the cardio and the intensity of the workouts, as well as adding a  thermogenic supplement to help burn more fat.


As you can see , dieting does not mean starving. We must find a good balance that suits us and our goals. Above all, keep testing your body, listen to it, so you will learn what works for you.



Leidy Hernández © 2013